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Stand-up comedy that isnt.


Rex Porter is an actor, every which way. Once a rising star, he’s now closer to a flickering bulb that catches the eye for the wrong reason.


But a spot’s about to follow him—away from the pleasantly louche nightmare of his daily Small Apple existence, on to cinematic artistry in the City of Light. That it’s also con artistry doesn’t outweigh the pros.


And yet however wide a world the stage becomes, the camera remains a dark room. When the schemes of billionaires, actual movie stars, and not least his loopy friend Hal play out, will he be cast to the shadows—or will he find his light?


Playfully graceful, outré, and wise, ‘The Champagne Method’ goes straight to your head.

A collection featuring the title longform poem as well as shorter works including ‘Ocean Is the Death at Night’ and ‘Roses’.


Shot through with certainties of meaning, feeling, and purpose, ‘Saints’ carries the sense of arriving full circle.

An anthology of both fiction and non-fiction that includes the longform essay ‘Who Tells Your Story’, the stories ‘The Rain’ and ‘Goddle’, and a range of light comic pieces.


By turns weighty and effervescent, ‘Molehills’ combines hard-won poise, searching truths, and pure delight.

A collection featuring the title longform poem as well as shorter works including ‘Time’ and the ‘Beneathers’ Benediction’.


Animated by longing, loss, and coming-of-age, ‘The Boneyard Lighthouse’ feels like breaking through.

An angel comes to see Frankie, a lost young woman living in a flickering New York. He may be a goofy old man in a novelist-white suit, but somehow, he seems more real to her than the rest of her world.


More real than her business, Hereafter Party Planning. More real than her lover, a sweetheart named Matthew who can’t be close enough. More real even than the opium that mirrors her mind, or the old wooden pipe that has a story.


There’s a longer story to tell, and he’ll tell her. He’ll tell her the story of everything. He’ll tell her because, now, it has an ending. And she’s about to find out what that is—and when.


Bracing, defiant, and true, ‘1972’ is a fiery journey through realization and redemption.

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